Gordon Wilson – Lead Prosthetist

Consultant Prosthetist

Gordon Wilson, the Lead Prosthetist at the Ledbrook Clinic,Is widely experienced in all aspects of prosthetic clinical work, including all levels of amputation.

He is a dynamic and enthusiastic Prosthetist and Senior Manager, having a wide and varied clinical and managerial background spread over the last twenty years.

He has worked with a large number of trans femoral and hip disarticulation amputees, of all ages and all activity levels, from domestic ambulators through to Paralympic Gold Medallists.

He pioneered the use of silicone gel in the provision of padding for hip disarticulation prostheses, and different materials for socket manufacture.

Gordon is experienced in fitting Helix hips, the latest C-Legs, Rheo knees and all modern types of prosthesis.

Gordon is Responsible for the management of all prosthetic patients in the clinic. He is a specialist in provision of both functional and cosmetic upper limbs, as well as specialist micro processor controlled lower limbs. He has considerable experience in medico-legal report writing. Reports will include cost estimates for private prosthetic rehabilitation, as well as on-going lifetime costs associated with a full rehabilitation program. Reports Include:

• Comprehensive report on examination findings

• Prosthetic opinion

• Prescription recommendations

• Projected quantum calculations

• Recommendations of future management

• Full Terminology list in appendix

• Anatomy explanation in appendix

• Full colour images

• Product Information

His interests include reading, walking, playing the bagpipes, computers.

Please contact our administrator for further information on our services. Gordon is looking forward to welcoming you to the Ledbrook Prosthetic Clinic.

Gordon will personally manage the team of professional staff at Ledbrook to enable us to provide only the best fitting, most comfortable and useful artificial limbs available.