Robert Shepherd – Specialist Amputee Physiotherapist

Robert Adrian Shepherd
BSc, MCSP, Grad Dip Phys, HCPC


Curriculum Vitae

Merchant Navy Navigating Officer 1967- 1977

Returned to full-time education 1977

Graduated Bradford School of Physiotherapy 1984

Began working with amputees in a large teaching hospital 1988

During 1989-90 worked as Research Physiotherapist on the Leeds Hostel Beds Scheme for Lower Limb Amputees

Worked full time in prosthetic rehabilitation at Chapel Allerton Prosthetics Centre, Leeds, 1990-2002

Business Manager, Otto Bock Healthcare plc, Central UK Region 2002-2007

Founder, Director and Lead Clinician, REHAB Prosthetics Ltd, 2007-2016


Served as an Executive Member of the British Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Amputee Rehabilitation, BACPAR, 1992 – 2002; 2014-2016

Honorary lecturer at University of Bradford, teaching on the Masters course in Amputee Rehabilitation 2001-2009

Co-Author: – Evidence Based Guidelines for the Physiotherapy Management of Adults with Lower Limb Prostheses

Co-Author: – Guidelines for the Education of Physiotherapy Students in Amputee Rehabilitation

Medical Officer, British Amputee and Les Autre Sports Association (BALASA) 2000-2008

International Paralympic Committee, IPC, International Athletics Classifier Level 1