Foot Drop Treatments

Professional foot drop treatments

Get professional foot drop treatments and advice from our highly trained professionals here at Ledbrook Clinic.

What is Foot drop?

Foot drop is an abnormality where the forefoot appears to drop down. The condition normally means that there is a great issue present and isn’t a singular symptom.

Foot drop, also known as drop foot, happens due to damage to the fibular nerve as well as the sciatic nerve. Treatments for foot drop normally include lightweight braces, shoe inserts (orthotics), physical therapy & in some cases surgery.


Our Foot Drop Process

We find a foot drop treatment that is right for you

Initial Consultation

We will contact you to better understand your requirements before a full assessment at the clinic.

Necessary Referrals

Opinions and referrals can be sought from and to other members of the multidisciplinary rehabilitation team

Full Report & Treatment Plan

We will provide a full report and a proposed personalised treatment plan with at least two limb build options.

Foot drop treatment options available at Ledbrook Clinic

Ledbrook Clinic’s main goal is to tailour a treatment to your circumstances and objectives. For foot drop, Ledbook typically work with the following foot drop treatment options: