Prosthetic Legs

Ledbrook provide a full range of prosthetic options for lower limb amputees

Prosthetic Legs
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Unsure about lower limb prosthetics?

We’ve answered common questions in our guide to what to expect on your prosthetic journey. 

We have extensive experience at satisfying the needs of lower limb amputees, with access to a full specialist multidisciplinary team who are all very experienced in amputee care. The team consists of a Consultant in Rehabilitation Medicine, Prosthetists, Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists dependant upon the requirements of the client.

The basis of a successful result is a comfortable socket. We have the skills and take the time to ensure comfort. Having determined that the socket is comfortable we can concentrate on the functionality. For amputees that need prosthetic knees we are experienced in all of the leading high functioning prosthetic knees. This includes the C-leg (Including the latest C-leg 4), Genium, Rheo Knee and Sensor Knee as well as other knees from all of the leading suppliers.

We use the full range of prosthetic feet including carbon fibre feet (blade runner type) shock absorbing feet, energy storing feet, whichever is most suitable for your needs. Finally if the appearance is of high importance we are leading experts in high definition silicone prosthetics.

The best way to find out what we can do is to contact us for an appointment. After an amputation you find yourself in a new situation. How your life will look in the future largely depends on you. As a rule, the rehabilitation process itself takes up to half a year.

Prosthetic Leg Options

An overview of some of our popular lower limb prosthetics

High-Tech for Better Quality of Life

Ottobock C-Leg
  • Fully microprocessor-controlled knee joint
  • Previously unachieved level of safety and dynamics
  • Natural gait pattern
  • Safe, smooth walking at different speeds and on all surfaces
  • Wireless Remote Control and additional standing mode with the new C-Leg
  • Three-year warranty with service inspection after 24 months free of charge
  • C-Leg mobility warranty
  • Recommended for Mobility Grades 3 and 4

Fully enjoying life – casually walking down aisles at the store, cycling with friends in the park, or maybe going hiking in the mountains. With the C-Leg, everyday activity is possible once again. The world’s first microprocessor-controlled knee joint is controlled in real time throughout the entire gait cycle. This means the highest level of dynamic response with unsurpassed safety.

By now, over 35,000 C-Leg wearers all over the world are profiting from the many advantages of proven C-Leg Technology. Their suggestions were the driving force behind the introduction of several new features in 2006. The result: An intelligent leg prosthesis system with Wireless Remote Control and an optimized service and warranty plan.
The new C-Leg is easy to recognize. While the previous C-Leg was gleaming silver and blue, the carbon frame of the new C-Leg is noble anthracite, complemented with silver.  The new C-Leg has a harmonious interplay of form, color, and material for a self-confident appearance in every situation.

C Leg Prosthetic Leg
Ottobock Genium Prosthetic Leg

Walk Naturally – Bionic Prosthetic System

Ottobock Genium Intelligent Leg
  • Optimised Physiological Gait
  • Natural stair climbing
  • Crossing obstacles naturally
  • Natural Stance
  • Suitable for Mobility Levels 2 and 3

The Genium is the intelligent leg prosthesis system. Its unique functions make the Genium a technological breakthrough in prosthetics.

The Genium is based on extensive research and development, 14 years of practical experience with the C-Leg® (proven as the safest leg prosthesis system in the world) and many years of cooperation with users and clinicians. In addition to innovative functions, this new microprocessor-controlled knee joint is incredibly flexible, intuitive and easy to use. With the Genium, everything happens in real time – and certain situations are even anticipated. For a highly natural gait.

Sport Prosthesis

Prosthetics for Amputee Sport

At Ledbrook Clinic we are able to provide you with specialised sports prosthesis for use in recreational as well as competitive sporting activities. We use not only the most advanced carbon fibre components but also utilise the Gait Lab to finely tune alignment and improve your training techniques by using the motion technology often incorporated in Olympic standard coaching regimes. We can also refer you to an experienced amputee sports physiotherapist if necessary.

Gordon Wilson has wide experience of producing running, swimming and golfing limbs and pioneered the design of an ice-skating below knee limb, using standard modular components, for a professional ice dance instructor in 1993. See archive article of Gordon (Lead Prosthetist) and Rob (Prosthetic Technician) with patient.

Sport Prosthesis
Waterproof Prosthetic Leg

Waterproof Prosthetic Legs

Made to your requirements

If you have an existing socket you are comfortable with, at Ledbrook Clinic we have the facilities to duplicate the design and provide you with a totally waterproof limb. Alternatively we can redesign a socket for you and incorporate it into a new waterproof limb. We can produce waterproof limbs with both traditional suspension systems or the more modern alternative types, such as silicone liner with pin and lock. However in most cases we recommend that when choosing a waterproof limb you remain with the type of suspension system you are accustomed to.