Ledbrook Prosthetic & Orthotic Clinic

Full-service private clinic providing Prosthetic & Orthotic treatments.

Prosthetic Legs

Prosthetic Limbs

Full range of lower limb prosthetics including both above and below knee limbs.

Prosthetic Limbs

Foot Drop Treatments

Drop Foot Treatments

Splints for foot drop including lightweight carbon fibre braces and WalkAide devices.

Foot Drop Treatments

Orthopaedic Shoes

Orthopaedic Shoes

Bespoke orthopaedic shoes custom-made for men, women and children.

Orthopaedic Shoes

Cosmetic Silicone

Cosmetic Silicone

Highly realistic cosmetic silicone prosthesis including fingers and complete hands.

Cosmetic Silicone

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We are a full-service private clinic which specialises in both Prosthetic & Orthotic treatments for all types of patients. Our clinic operates in Solihull, London and Leeds but services the entire country. We can also assist with non-UK resident Prosthetic & Orthotic consultancy & treatments.

Our Healthcare Professionals

Dr. Jeff Lindsay
Rehabilitation Medicine

John Young
Consultant Orthotist

Gordon Wilson
Lead Prosthetist

Kathie Drinan
Paediatric Physiotherapist

Ben Scanlan

Robert Shepherd
Amputee Physiotherapist

Our specialists and Doctors; Gordon WilsonDr Jeff Lindsay & John Young, provide the following services.
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Our Service Offering


Orthotic Treatments at Ledbrook Clinic

Visit our private orthotic clinic for professional orthotic treatment. We supply and prescribe a wide range of orthoses: insoles (orthotics), orthopaedic footwear, KAFOs and the latest drop foot solutions. Our Orthotists are highly experienced in providing orthotic solutions to reduce pain and improve comfort. Our highly skilled Orthotists specialise in sports orthotics. This includes knee braces, ankle supports and sports orthotic insoles. We have many years experience providing orthopaedic shoes that are both fashionable and functional. For expert private orthotics contact us today for a full biomechanical assessment.

View our Orthotic Treatments


Prosthetic Treatments at Ledbrook Clinic

Bespoke private prosthetics service for upper limb and lower limb amputees. Our team of skilled experienced Prosthetists will match your activity level, budget, and lifestyle to the most appropriate prosthesis. Working with you to understand your objectives and expectations. Whether it is a C-Leg, myo-electric arm or even a silicone cosmesis we will always seek to prescribe a functional yet highly comfortable prosthesis. Contact us today for a consultation with our prosthetics experts.

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We are speechless and short of words to describe the expert, competent life changing care my sister received in this Center.
My sister Judith, had polio as a kid and was only mobile with a rolling frame for 25 years. Now she is walking tall and straight independently through the efficient treatment (Calliper)received from Ledbrook . Mr John was the brain , heart and hand that made this ``miracle `` happened . His care provider patient's relationship was excellent! He was a worthy ambassador of the Center . Theresa and all the other staff are amazing.
We would gladly highly recommend Ledbrook Orthosthic and Prosthetic Center to anyone that would need such Services.
Please we are already carrying the good news to everywhere we have connections.
Thank you All.

Maria & Judith. -

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