Private Clinics

Orthotic, Prosthetic & Medical Rehabilitation  Private Clinic Physiotherapy Exercise 

Private Clinics: Orthotic, Prosthetic & Medical RehabilitationPatients are seen in a congenial and private environment at the Ledbrook OrthoticProsthetic and Medical Rehabilitation Clinics.

Consultations are relaxed and unhurried so that patients can have a comprehensive assessment of their rehabilitation needs and aspirations. This enables the clinicians at Ledbrook to negotiate realistic achievable goals with you (and your carers), and work in a non-judgmental way without prejudice, to promote dignity and choice during treatment.

The Clinicians at Ledbrook pride themselves in fully explaining and discussing treatment plans with the maximum possible involvement of patients (and carers), using clear simple language. For patients who don’t have access to transport or have limited mobility we can arrange domiciliary visits and we can provide treatment in your home environment.