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At 22, Harley Street, we specialise in all types of orthoses, including insoles, Ankle foot orthoses, Knee Ankle foot orthoses (KAFO’s)Patients who have had polio, Stroke victims, Patients with Drop Foot,  Footwear.

We see many patients for bespoke footwear who suffer from diabetes,  loss of part of the foot or toes, Charcot Marie Tooth (CMT) and other conditions which need bespoke footwear, vement and biomechanical function.

Silicone Prosthesis.

At 22, Harley Street, we specialise in silicone prostheses, which includes silicone fingers, hands, toes and feet. We create life like silicone cosmesis and our high definition silicone Prostheses not only make a positive difference to everyday living but it can help to rebuild confidence. Our highly skilled technicians produce custom-made physically shaped covers from high definition silicone based on the sound limb. Every High definition silicone cover is one of a kind and can feature a number of benefits.

Our unique skin match system assures a close match to the skin tone using an infinite number of colours. A life like finish can be achieved through the enhancement of the finer details such as freckles, veins, moles, skin pigmentation, surface hair and even acrylic nails compatible for nail polish, resulting in a natural appearance. Our silicone experts will do everything they can to take care of all your individual requirements.

Contact us today by emailing theresa@ledbrookclinic.co.uk or calling: +44 (0)7831 660 066. Alternatively you can Skype: ledbrookclinic.

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Silicone Ankle Foot Orthoses