What to Expect From Your Private Prosthetic Treatment

People come to the Ledbrook Clinic for their prosthesis for many different reasons, the most common being that their NHS or current prosthesis is too heavy, the socket is ill-fitting or that the choices given to them by the NHS are limited and don’t fit in with their life-style.

People come to the clinic with their partners, relatives or friends for  an initial consultation with the Prosthetist. Everyone says how relaxed and friendly the Clinic is, and the fact that the parking is right outside the Clinic. The Clinic is set in the beautiful Warwickshire countryside, and is easily accessible from Birmingham International Station and Airport, which are a ten-minute taxi ride, or the major motorways (M6 and M1). Many people believe that they have to go to London to get the best treatment, but this is not the case- we work with the best prosthetic technicians to ensure that people get the best prosthesis for their needs.

Patients come from all over the U.K.  to see us, and from as far afield as Nigeria, Jamaica, Saudi Arabia and all parts of Europe. At the initial consultation, we discuss what expectations the patient has for their new prosthesis, their level of activity and what their aspirations are. After this initial consultation and assessment, we will advise the patient the best course of treatment for them, the costs of their treatment and how long the prosthesis will take to manufacture, which is usually four weeks after the cast is taken of the residual limb or limbs. Patients come to the Clinic with high expectations which we always strive to  exceed. They will come back to see us for follow up appointments and we  remain in contact with many patients who will just come and see us for a chat, or if they live overseas,  keep in touch with us by email or Skype about how they are getting on with their prosthesis. People can talk to the Prosthetist or Lead Clinician at any time prior to their appointment to discuss any concerns or issues they have about their prospective treatment.

Patients visiting the clinic from Nigeria.

Patients visiting the clinic from Nigeria.


Patients visiting the clinic from Nigeria


Other Frequently asked questions:

Many people contact the Ledbrook Clinic with lots of questions about the costs and treatment time for their prosthetic treatment. It is quite difficult to give precise costs.  If you need an above knee limb, then the price will depend on what sort of knee you have, the type of socket, and then the activity level of the foot.  It is always best to come to the clinic for an initial consultation and assessment, then you will be given a firm costs for your treatment.

For example the above knee prosthesis will consist of:

  • A foot and cover
  • A knee
  • A shin tube
  • Connective components
  • A custom made socket which may be made from Carbon fibre
  • A liner will fits on to the residual limb for added comfort

The Prosthetist will recommend the best prosthesis for you, your goals and your lifestyle. You will generally be seen for your first appointment within 1-2 weeks of your initial phone call, then you’ll need a further 3-4 appointments with will last 1-2 hours, depending on your needs. The prosthesis is generally delivered 4-5 weeks after the initial appointment, then you will have regular follow up appointments to check your progress.

Many people come to the initial appointment with family and friends, and soon find a whole new set of friends and ‘family’ at the Ledbrook Clinic.

A below knee patient visiting the clinic.

A below knee patient visiting the clinic.

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  1. Michael riddell Says: August 4, 2018 at 12:08 pm

    I had my left leg amputated 4 years ago and was told on two occasions I could not have a false leg due to the shortness of the stump plus I have a few other problems health wise but I would like to talk to you and see what your views are Iam an optimistic 68 year old who would love to walk a few pace under my own steam regards mike

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