Step-On AFO

Ledbrook Clinic now offer the Step-On range as a foot drop treatment option. The Step-On unique feature of these off-the-shelf AFOs is that they are articulated and offer adjustable dorsiflexion assistance. They are also extremely lightweight, made from a highly versatile polypropylene that can be easily moulded to shape and trimmed to size by the Ledbrook Clinic.

Key Step-On features include:

  • Articulated AFOs with hinges that allow ROM dosiflexion 22° and plantarflexion 11°
  • Available with lateral, medial or bilateral hinges
  • Easily adjustable dorsiflexion allows continuous optimisation of gait biometrics through rehabilitation process
  • Extremely lightweight, polypropylene construction
  • Easily thermoformed to shape and trimmed back
  • High-quality liners and foam pads for enhanced skin integrity and comfort
  • Unilateral hinge AFOs fit easily in standard footwear – no need for larger shoe size

If you are interested in the Step-on AFO, please contact us to book an appointment.