Prosthetic Accessories

We can supply you with a variety of the highest quality prosthetic accessories, sourced from trusted UK and overseas companies, to meet your specific needs and provide best value.

Products include: above and below knee pure wool/wool blend, terry cotton, cotton, nylon and gel socks; stump compression socks; stump care products including specialist creams, lotions, lubricants and antiperspirants; and a choice of gel stump protection pads and cups.

Selections of the products are described below but please contact us and we will be happy to advise you further on the type and size for you.


MedalinDual Thickness Sock (courtesy of Medalin)

Dual Thickness Socks‘Medalin Dual Thickness Socks are for use with a below knee prosthesis. The sock is half terry fabric and half plain fabric, with two variants: upper portion terry / lower portion plain fabric and upper portion plain / lower portion terry fabric. This useful addition to the Prosthetist’s  arsenal is especially good for packing out parts of a socket.

This may have been done previously with two socks or pieces of fabric (cut socks) to do the same job, this is a much neater solution and has the benefit of not rucking in the socket causing discomfort’.

Many other types and sizes of prosthetic sock to suit most situations are also made.


Iceross® Clean and Simple (courtesy of Össur)

Clean and Simple

‘For users of silicone liners daily cleaning of the residual limb is essential. We recommend use of a mild liquid soap, such as Iceross Clean and Simple soap. This product is specially pH balanced and 100% fragrance- and dye-free.

If dry skin is noted, apply Iceross Clean and Simple Moisturising Lotion to nourish and soften the skin. All Iceross lotions are pH balanced, 100% fragrance- and dye-free and will not leave an oily residue’.

A lubricant spray to help don silicone liners without fabric covers is also available.


OrthoEurope LogoMineral Oil Gel Roll On (courtesy Orthoeurope)

Mineral Oil Gel Roll On

  • ‘Roll on to distal limb to enhance socket liner fit and combat skin problems
  • Cut to shape for extra protection
  • Self-adhesive to other Silipos Gel product
  • Cut into a band of any desired width for extra comfort and protection under the proximal end of a suspension sleeve’

Orthoeurope, based in Oxfordshire, UK, supply an excellent range of Silipos products and upper and lower limb prosthetic components.