Carbon Fibre KAFO Orthotic Leg Braces: 35% Lighter & Stronger

Carbon Fibre KAFOsThe Ledbrook Clinic offers the latest technologies in laminated carbon fibre orthoses for both KAFO’s and AFO’s (Ankle Foot Orthoses).

Carbon Fibre KAFOs

The carbon fibre KAFO can be fabricated with a wide range of knee joints to suit each patient’s individual needs, from bale locks to the latest electronically controlled knee joints.

Our Orthotist can design the KAFO by aligning the carbon fibre at key structural points on the orthosis. This ensures the KAFO will be extremely lightweight, whilst very durable.


  • Laminated carbon fibre KAFO’s offer over a 35% weight reduction over thermoplastic KAFO’s.
  • Carbon fibre devices are far more cosmetic, and can be worn underneath clothing and can easily be accommodated into footwear.
  • Carbon fibre is energy storing, which means patients have to expend far less energy whilst walking in comparison to thermoplastic devices.
  • Carbon fibre does not spring and has reduced deformation over time. This means the device lasts a great deal longer than equivalent thermoplastic devices.
  • Laminated KAFO’s offer the possibility of a wide range of cosmetic finishes.