Medico-Legal Reporting

Medico-Legal ReportingThe lead Orthotic Clinician at The Ledbrook Clinic, John Young,  has over 35 years of experience and is State Registered with the Health Professions Council (HPC)

Preparation of reports in relation to claims for:

  •   Motor accident injuries
  •   Industrial Injuries
  •   Repetitive Strain injury
  •   All orthopaedic problems
  •   Medical Negligence

He has extensive experience and orthotic expertise in relation to all aspects of orthotic provision, such as  lower limb orthotics, problems with ankle and foot conditions, rehabilitation and the future costs including short and long term quantum cost analysis.

He has been involved in the training of undergraduate Orthotic students for most of his professional career.

Prosthetic Legal Reporting

The prosthetic clinical team has vast experience in preparation of reports for individuals who lose limbs through accident or negligence. Good quality prosthetic care is directly linked with a faster rehabilitation process and amputees getting back to the activities they enjoy. Most importantly our prosthetic legal support ensures that amputees can continue to afford a high quality of care.

The Ledbrook prosthetic team are experts in limb loss and the subsequent provision of prosthetics after injury. Our expert witness reports have helped many individuals with their claims for compensation.  Our first point of contact for personal injury lawyers or case managers is our Practice Manager, who will then liaise with our prosthetic clinical team who have extensive experience in preparing expert legal reports that can be used to assist the Court with calculating life time costs for the best rehabilitation and prosthetic provision, following an accident or negligence.

The prosthetic reports that will cover immediate individual needs for prosthetic provision, full rehabilitation aims and expectations, as well as fully justified costs for on-going prosthetic provision as well as future quantum costs. Our prosthetic experts will provide the detailed and timely reports to ensure the optimum financial outcome.

Typically successful claims lead to interim payments help that support the costs of immediate prosthetic care. Once the claim has been settled our experienced prosthetists can provide you with the most innovative prosthetic provision to ensure the best rehabilitation process.

Expert Witness

John Young has extensive experience acting as Orthotic Expert for the claimant, defendant and also as Single Joint expert, having taken the course accredited by Bond Solon, on The Civil Procedure Rules for Expert Witnesses.

Reports are tailored to instructions and will include a prognosis and projected cost estimates for private rehabilitation treatment and any equipment, including the latest WalkAide, all types of callipers, including the latest carbon fibre callipers.

We will also provide a second opinion by reviewing previously commissioned reports.

We will also report on immediate needs assessments to identify the costs of short term care.

If you need a professional qualified Orthotic Expert Witness, please contact John Young using the form on the contact page, or call 07831 660066.