Artificial Limb Service

Ledbrook offer bespoke private prosthetic treatments and services for upper limb and lower limb amputees.

Our team of skilled experienced Prosthetists will match your activity level, budget and lifestyle to the most appropriate prosthesis, working with you to understand your objectives and expectations. Whether it is a C-Leg, myo-electric arm or even a silicone cosmesis we will always seek to prescribe a functional yet highly comfortable prosthesis. Contact us today for consultation with our prosthetics experts.

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Prosthetic Services

  • Gait laboratory analysis
  • Bespoke silicone cosmesis
  • Repairs and adjustments
  • Maintenance plans
  • Prosthetic assessment & review
  • Socket upgrades
  • Component upgrades
  • Duplicate limbs and sockets

Prosthetic Solutions

Our Prosthetic Process

We ensure a prosthetic solution that is right for you

Initial Consultation

We will contact you to better understand your requirements before a full assessment at the clinic.

Necessary Referrals

Opinions and referrals can be sought from and to other members of the multidisciplinary rehabilitation team

Full Report & Treatment Plan

We will provide a full report and a proposed personalised treatment plan with at least two limb build options.

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Process of Getting A Prosthetic Limb

Once you have enquired about purchasing an artificial limb our administrator, Theresa, will pass your  details and nature of your enquiry onto Ozan who will contact you personally to explore more fully your requirements before you are invited to Ledbrook Clinic for a full assessment.

Supplying you with an artificial limb is only part of the prosthetic rehabilitation process we provide at Ledbrook Clinic and the assessment will be as far reaching and of as broad a scope as required to suit your needs. With your agreement opinions and referrals can be sought from and to other members of the multidisciplinary rehabilitation team such as the Consultant in Rehabilitation Medicine, Physiotherapist, Occupational Therapist, Diabetic Nurse, Wound Nurse and Medical Scientists.

Once the initial assessment is completed you will be provided with a full report and a proposed personalised treatment plan. You will also be given an option of at least 2 varying prescriptions (limb build options). A fixed cost quote will be supplied for each option detailing the treatment plan, therapies and artificial limb costs for both parties to agree before commencing with your course of treatment.

Please contact us for full quotation. 

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Artificial Limb Service

Silicone FingerThe Prosthetic Clinic at Ledbrook provides artificial arms and legs and prosthetic services for amputees from both overseas and for those who are resident within the UK.  As the Consultant Prosthetist at Ledbrook Goron prides himself in ensuring the individual rehabilitation needs of each patient attending the clinic are met. All patients undergo a comprehensive assessment to make sure any artificial limbs prescribed at Ledbrook Clinic are appropriate for their situation.

Gordon will treat you personally, co-ordinating and managing the team of professionals at Ledbrook Clinic to ensure we supply you only the best fitting most comfortable and useful artificial limb possible at the best possible value. Please contact us for a quotation based on your needs.

The Ledbrook Clinic provides custom made silicone cosmeses for both upper and lower levels of amputation.  Our silicone products are manufactured to the highest quality standards and include details like freckles and veins for optimum cosmetic appearance. The pigment is integrated into the silicone, which means the colour will be as long-lasting and appear very life-like.

Prosthetic LegWe strongly recommend that you see us for a consultation, where we can provide general costson specific components and recommend the most suitable prosthesis, as it is very difficult to give an accurate costing without a full consultation. Typically people need between four and six appointments, which last around two hours depending on the complexity of individual needs. We also see many patients for pre-amputation consultations. At this stage we would involve our rehabilitation consultant Dr. Jeff Lindsay.

The Ledbrook Clinic provides you with all the latest skills and technology to supply, fit, align, adjust and maintain the widest range of prosthetic components to the standards recommended by all the major manufacturers for their products. Furthermore we are not tied to any one component manufacturer and Gordon has good long standing relationships with them all, allowing Ledbrook Clinic to be totally independent and impartial in supplying the best limb components available for your prescription (limb build).