Orthotic Insoles & Orthopaedic Shoe Inserts

Orthotic Insoles

Ledbrook specialise in the manufacture of precision custom-made foot orthotics.

Foot orthotics are devices that fit inside your shoes to help stabilise and correct poor foot posture. Using the latest Cad Cam technology your foot impression is digitised into a 3D form then an insole is designed accommodating your exact and unique foot shape.

Biomechanical problems affecting the feet can increase stresses within the foot structures and the surrounding soft tissues, creating localised pain in the foot, ankle and also problems in the lower limbs, knees, hips and back. Correction of poor foot biomechanics with Foot Orthotics can improve and prevent many types of symptoms.

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  • Reduce pain & provide support
  • Prevent/halt development of foot deformity
  • Relieve pressure on certain areas
  • Improve bemechanical function of foot
  • Improve pelvic alignment
  • Reduce lower limb torsion and knee stress

Ideal For

  • Forefoot Pain (Metatarsalgia )
  • Arch Strain (Plantar Fasciitis)
  • Policeman’s Heel (Heel Spur)
  • Ankle Pain (Tibialis Dysfunction, Lateral Impingement Syndrome)
  • Shin Pain (Compartmental Syndrome, Shin Splints)
  • Knee Pain (Chondramalcia Patella, Patella Tibial Syndrome)

Insoles For Running

In any activity, even walking, it is imperative that the feet provide a stable base to support the rest of the body. The repetitive nature of walking, running and many sports mean that any instability or imbalances are replicated many times over as you move and this can lead to pain and injury. Every time the foot strikes the ground, forces equivalent to five times your body are transmitted through the feet, up through the legs and into the lower back. These forces can cause aches and pains in the legs and feet.

By correcting the feet, independently of each other, we can create a stable base to help keep you active and problem free. The Ledbrook clinic’s insoles aim to correct the function of the foot and address any imbalance or instability between your left and right sides. Our insoles are made to measure and can accurately correct the biomechanical collapse of the foot structures and improve midfoot and hindfoot alignment. This allows joints to be aligned correctly and promotes efficient transmission of biomechanical force whilst running.

Running Insoles

Insoles For Golf

A round of Golf places a great deal of stress and abnormal forces on the back,the lower extremities and especially the feet and ankles. Activities like walking long distances over uneven terrain and swinging the golf club can cause the body pain. If a golfer’s feet are not in a neutral position and don’t line up with the leg at the ankle, then pain, fatigue or injuries could occur.

If the body has a firm base, which is correctly supported by the feet and ankles, then whole body will have improved stability through the swing phase and be pain free. The Ledbrook Clinic have a dedicated team of orthotic and clinical specialists working alongside golfers and we are proud to offer a comprehensive range of custom made products specifically designed for Golf.

Golf Insoles

Insoles For Skiing and Snowboarding

Ski and snowboard boots aren’t the most comfortable things to put your feet in fora whole day. The Ledbrook Clinic can manufacture great skiing insoles and snowboarding insoles to make your winter fun more bearable.

Custom made insoles can control and align the foot within the boot, optimum foot alignment and pressure distribution has an positive effect on the entire kinetic chain, reducing strain on your ankles, knees, hips and lower back as you ski. Our insoles will help you with your balance, transfer your weight smoothly and provide instant control over your ski or board.

Ski Insoles

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We specialise in the manufacture of precision custom made foot orthotics.

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