Prosthetic Knees

C Leg Prosthetic Knee

Prosthetic knees to suit every type of lifestyle

For amputees requiring prosthetic knees Ledbrook Clinic are experienced in the provision of a wide range of knees to suit every requirement, including the most advanced knees like the C-leg. We also prescribe numerous prosthetic feet, including energy storing and carbon fibre feet.

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Prosthetic Knees

  • Ottobock 3R60
  • Ottobock 3R106
  • Ottobock C-Leg
  • Ossur Rheo Knee
  • Ossur Total Knee
  • Endolite KX06
  • Sensor Knee

There are numerous prosthetic knees available on the market and we will advise you on the most appropriate for your rehabilitation needs and budget. The type of artificial knee you use has a great effect on the physical effort required to walk and style of your gait. The type of knee you use also influences how safe you are on an artificial limb and reducing the likelihood of  having a fall or stumbling.

Prosthetic knees used to make artificial limbs can be classified into; hand operated knee locks (HOKLs) and semi-automatic knee locks (SAKLs), both producing a locked knee gait and stabilising or multi-axial safety knees with a free knee gait. They can be further divided into swing and stance controlled with or without a stance flexion facility. The knees are engineered in a variety of ways including pneumatic, hydraulic and micro-processor controls plus the latest powered knee joints. With the most sophisticated knee joints it is essential that the Clinical Measurement Laboratory is used to analyse your gait on the limb and this is incorporated into the fixed limb cost.

Mechanical Knee Joint

Ottobock 3R60 EBS Knee
  • Special feature: Ergonomically Balanced Stride (EBS) for extremely safe, comfortable, and natural gait
  • Multi-axis construction improves ground clearance
  • Various walking speeds possible
  • Recommended for mobility levels 2 & 3

Remarkable improvements in the rotary hydraulic system offer better comfort and safety to a wider range of wearers. Improved handling adds even more function to a knee you’ve trusted for a decade.

You want to be able to walk safely and comfortably with prosthesis. Your gait pattern should be similar to the natural, healthy model. With the 3R60 EBS Knee Joint, you are well on your way. When you examine the natural gait pattern closely, the following becomes evident: The human knee joint flexes slightly as soon as the heel impacts the ground. This important process is the basis for the functionality of the 3R60.

Ottobock 3R60 EBS Knee
Ottobock 3R106 Knee

New Drive for More Mobility

Ottobock 3R106 Modular Knee Joint
  • High level of safety
  • Broad range of walking speeds
  • Large flexion angle
  • Lightweight
  • Suitable for Mobility Levels 2 and 3

Comfortably get into the car or ride your bike to town – the new generation of the Modular Knee Joint 3R106 makes many everyday activities easier for you. At the same time, it offers the highest degree of security.

The knee joint is especially light and can be flexed at an angle up to 170°. These advantages are noticeable during normal everyday use. Not only can you sit comfortably, you can also easily kneel on the floor, for example to play with your children or grandchildren, or to pick something up.

Balance of Stability and Dynamics

Ossur Rheo Knee
  • Change speed and direction with absolute ease
  • Move more naturally, even in confined spaces
  • Think less about what to do and how to move
  • Walk farther, using less energy and maintain an active lifestyle

The newly redesigned RHEO KNEE® is an advanced prosthetic device that liberates its users to focus on their chosen activity, instead of having to think about how they are walking.New developments in Össur’s proven bionic technology mean that the RHEO KNEE can recognize and respond even better to the most subtle changes in walking speed and terrain. Using sophisticated artificial intelligence, it continuously learns and adapts to an amputee’s walking style and environment.

As a result, it restores people’s ability to walk naturally, comfortably and confidently at any speed’. Also available from Össur are the Power Knee and the Proprio Foot & ankle. Please contact us for more information and advice on the suitability of these or alternative products for your own situation.

Ossur Rheo Knee