Terms and Conditions

ossur-golfOnce you have enquired about purchasing an artificial limb our administrator, Theresa, will pass your  details and nature of your enquiry onto Ozan who will contact you personally to explore more fully your requirements before you are invited to Ledbrook Clinic for a full assessment.

Supplying you with an artificial limb is only part of the prosthetic rehabilitation process we provide at Ledbrook Clinic and the assessment will be as far reaching and of as broad a scope as required to suit your needs. With your agreement opinions and referrals can be sought from and to other members of the multidisciplinary rehabilitation team such as the Consultant in Rehabilitation Medicine, Physiotherapist, Occupational Therapist, Diabetic Nurse, Wound Nurse and Medical Scientists.

Once the initial assessment is completed you will be provided with a full report and a proposed personalised treatment plan. You will also be given an option of at least 2 varying prescriptions (limb build options). A fixed cost quote will be supplied for each option detailing the treatment plan, therapies and artificial limb costs for both parties to agree before commencing with your course of treatment.