Cosmetic Silicone Prosthetics

Custom-made life-like prosthetics from The Ledbrook Clinic.


Bespoke, life-like silicone prosthetics limbs, hands, feet, fingers and toes .

Bespoke, life-like silicone prosthetics limbs, hands, feet, fingers and toes are all available from the Ledbrook Clinic, including a new range of prosthetic liners and sleeves. Combining advanced technical knowledge, acute attention to detail and high manufacturing standards, our products provide both appearance and performance.

Cosmetic Silicone Prosthetics

Silicone Prosthetic Fingers

At Ledbrook Clinic we can make prosthetic limbs with varying types of cosmetic finish to suit your individual needs. This ranges from no cosmetic covering at all for those who are confident about displaying their prosthetic hardware, through to bespoke hand crafted silicone covers such as a model may wear for a photo shoot.

Between these two extremes we can offer you any of the many cosmetic covers on the market including fabric, PVC and off the shelf silicone to best suit your skin tone, activities and budget. Please contact us by phone or email to discuss your options more fully.

Made from high definition silicone and expertly crafted to match the individual perfectly, Ledbrook Clinic’s prosthetic silicone solutions are designed to be functional, attractive and of exceptional quality.

This hand made in high definition silicon was supplied to patient who lost her hand due to sepsis. At the Ledbrook Clinic, we understand the trauma of loosing a limb and strive to make hands, fingers,toes and feet as lifelike as possible and not only make a positive difference to everyday living, but also to rebuild confidence.

The unique skin matching system used at the Ledbrook Clinic ensures a close match to the skin tone, with a life like finish through the addition of freckles, veins, surface hair and nails compatible with nail polish.

I have now had my prosthetic toe fitted at the Ledbrook Clinic, and it has totally exceeded my expectations! The toe feels great and I am looking forward to wearing all my summer shoes again as soon as the weather gets better! Read more

Cosmetic Silicone Toe

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