Active KAFO Braces: E-Mag Kafo with Magnetic Technology

The E-MAG Active is an electronic stance control KAFO that uses an intelligent sensor system that measures the leg position whilst walking and controls the knee joint accordingly. This means that the knee joint is automatically opened and closed during walking, locking in the stance phase and unlocking in the swing phase. Manufactured by Otto Bock this revolutionary KAFO’s knee joint is controlled independently from the ankle and sole of the foot. Therefore, patients who have no ankle functionality are able to take advantage of the full functionality offered by the E-MAG Active.

The E-MAG Active has been developed for patients that suffer from muscular paralysis as a result of a stroke or Polio, as well as other injuries to the nerves or muscles that control the leg, which causes paralysis. This innovative knee joint system offers patients who would normally wear a locked KAFO the opportunity for a more natural walking pattern. The E-MAG Active offers maximum mobility and safety for the user


Self calibration – programmed to automatically calibrate to its wearer, allowing for  anatural gait pattern. What previously took hours of manual adjustment, the E-MAG does in seconds.

Efficient Gait – the E-MAG Active stance control can reduce compensatory movements and give you a much more natural gait than any other KAFO.

Gyroscope Technology – monitors your legs orientation. Whether your heel has just left the ground or about to strike the E-MAG Active facilitates a dynamic stride.

Low profile carbon fibre design – the KAFO it is extremely light-weight and fits easily under clothing.

Significant increases in mobility and security – the E-MAG Active helps to build confidence and aid a more active lifestyle.

Free swing mode – facilitates temporary unlocking, ideal for activities like cycling.