Alistair Trippett, Bespoke Carbon Fibre Brace

Alistair TrippettOrthosis: Dynamic Functional Carbon Fibre Brace with Dorsi-Flexion Assist Ankle hinges and heel cup.

Designed by John Young.

Manufactured by Henry Sargeant,  carbon fibre technician.

Alistair was diagnosed 4 years ago with osteo-sarcoma of the tibia on his right leg. A tibial re-section was carried out with the fibula transplanted in place of the tibia for support. Unfortunately, the bones did not unite, so an Llizerov brace was fitted to the below section to allow the fibula to unite. When the brace was removed, the bones had united top to bottom, but were very weak and unstable and not strong enough to allow weight bearing. This was when Alistair’s father asked the Ledbrook Clinic team to get involved and build a lightweight brace with ankle articulation which would support the bones and be comfortable to wear.

Alistair came to the Ledbook Clinic wearing a large clam-shell polypropylene below knee brace.

The tibia and fibula were actively moving within the brace making it very uncomfortable.

The foot and ankle were rigid, making walking difficult, so the Ledbrook Clinic team designed the Dynamic Carbon Fibre Brace, which is unique to the Clinic.

Due to the shortening of Alistair’s leg, a concealed raise was put on his trainer to make his pelvis level.

Alistair has now been wearing his brace for 5 weeks. He is already getting more muscle bulk, and his very stiff ankle is a lot freer. He is walking with his pelvis level and generally feeling a lot better having a brace that fits correctly.

He now walks without his crutches.

We are looking forward to seeing the results of Alistair’s next MRI scan in a few months time.

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