Overview of High Performance Prosthetics

Sports prosthetics, carbon fibre running blades and bionic technologies



Re-Flex ShockTM with EVOTM

Offering great energy return and superb shock absorption for active people, the recent addition to Össur’s Flex-Foot line is a robust, high-performance foot that’s ideal for heavy- duty activities and high-impact sports.

Incorporating proven technologies, the Re-Flex Shock is a smart, new service-free design that is easier to assemble and align than previous high-impact models. The addition of Össur’s proprietary EVO technology helps boost control of the foot and contributes to a more natural, fluid gait.

Work, Rest and Play

Best of all, Re-Flex Shock can be used comfortably for everyday activities as well as sport. So whether it’s working hard, playing with the kids, or playing hockey for example, one foot will do. Re-Flex Shock is designed to take the strain, to minimise the potentially damaging forces generated by such activities and in turn reduce the risk of injur

Vari-Flex® XC

The Vari-Flex XC combines superb dynamics and comfort for a range of activities. The shock absorption and smooth roll-over offered by the Vari-Flex XC are designed to include hiking, jogging and cycling, as well as ground level walking – ideal for active people who want to use a single lightweight foot.

The EVO technology ensures fluid, natural gait with a smooth roll-over motion. A more natural gait reduces fatigue and puts less strain on the lower back and sound side.

Re-Flex RotateTM with EVOTM

Re-Flex Rotate with EVO from Össur is a durable, high performance foot that provides both vertical and rotational shock absorption. This combination is ideal for very active or moderately active users, especially those participating in activities such as golf.

Re-Flex Rotate offers:

•Vertical shock absorption and dynamic energy return – NEW titanium coil spring offers over 14mm of vertical travel designed to absorb vertical shock forces and reduce pressure on the residual limb. The dynamic energy return of the coil spring gives the Re-Flex Rotate a lighter and more responsive feel.

•Rotational shock absorption – designed to dampen shear forces and pressure on residual limb for increased comfort. The rotational shock absorption is particularly beneficial for users whose daily routines involve frequent side-to-side and turning movements.

•Ease of use – Shock absorption unit requires no adjustment by the user or the prosthetist. The shock kit is offered in 8 categories to match each user’s specific needs and the height adjustment for the Re-Flex Rotate is very simple.

•EVOTM technology – proprietary foot shell design promotes a more fluid and energetic forward progression by mimicking the natural movement of the human foot from heel-strike to toe-off.


PROPRIO FOOTTM: Secure • Adaptive • Natural Because the world is not flat.

This super smart foot delivers a level of functionality that is as close as you can get today to its human counterpart. Capable of independent thought, it responds beautifully in any situation.

  • Transforms the approach to stairs and slopes, as well as level-ground walking.
  • Reacts immediately, automatically and naturally.
  • Helps to make life a whole lot easier.

The redesigned PROPRIO FOOT improves walking ability for amputees as no other solution can. From taking a simple stroll to navigating a flight of stairs, this groundbreaking ‘smart foot’ helps below knee amputees walk with unmatched comfort and confidence.

Flex-Foot Cheetah® Xtreme

Designed specifically for fast, short-distance sprints (100-200m), the carbon blade features a more extreme curve.

This dynamic shape allows the foot to flex more and, as a result, offers a powerful energy kick. A longer, flatter toe enhances push off, while the attachment pylon (plantar-flexed at seven degrees) supports better forward progression.

Ideal for high-active sprinters (above- and below-knee), the Cheetah Xtreme builds on Össur’s proven carbon fiber technologies in an optimized design tested for over two years by elite athletes and members of Team Össur.


Flex-Foot Cheetah® Xtend

This highly effective carbon fiber blade is beautifully curved right round toward the toe, a shape which helps to produce a smooth rollover. The longer, flatter toe enhances push off, while the plantar-flexed attachment pylon supports better forward progression.

Ideal for high-active sprinters and short distance runners (above- and below-knee), the Cheetah Xtend is lighter than the Cheetah Xtreme option. From start to finish, it provides a winning combination of responsiveness and comfort.

Flex-RunTM with Nike Sole

For more than two decades, the Össur Flex-Run has enabled amputees of all abilities to achieve their athletic goals, whether that be a jog in the park, a triathlon, or an ultra- marathon. Now, the new Össur Flex-Run with Nike Sole elevates the original and undisputed leader in distance running feet to the next level.

Leveraging Össur’s unmatched research and development in running prosthetics and Nike’s world-renowned traction and sole technologies, the new Össur Flex-Run with Nike Sole combines an improved Flex-Run design with the first running sole of its kind. The result is the ideal distance running foot, re-designed from the ground up to maximize traction, stability and performance for amputee athletes, while improving efficiency for prosthetists. It’s all part of our unwavering commitment to empowering athletes of all levels to live a “life without limitations.

POWER KNEETM: Power • Safety • Endurance Unprecedented function and performance

The world’s first and only active prosthesis for above-knee amputees, this highly intelligent knee works as an integrated extension of the user, replacing true muscle activity to bend and straighten the knee as required.

  • Provides the power to help maintain walking speeds.
  • Assists with the upward motion required for stairs and inclines.
  • Learns and responds to unique patterns of gait for natural, efficient motion.

RHEO KNEE®: Security • Adaptability • Freedom

The most adaptable solution of its kind

Fast enough to help prevent a fall.
This is a knee so smart, it adapts automatically to individual walking styles and different environments, continuously learning and improving its response over time.

  • Smart enough to tackle slopes and stairs.
  • Adaptable enough to respond to all life’s little hurdles.


The SYMBIONIC® LEG combines a microprocessor knee and a powered microprocessor foot with proactive ankle flexion for transfemoral and knee disarticulation amputees

• Safety

Powered toe lift and stumble recovery reduce the risk of trips and falls.

• Symmetry

Consistent ground clearance, terrain adaptation, and easy swing initiation eliminate the need for gait deviations and help restore natural gait.

• Confidence

Intelligent terrain adaptation provides stability on everyday surfaces, including grass, slopes and uneven ground without having to concentrate on every step.

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