Prosthetic Silicone Toes

We are seeing many patients suffering from Brachymetatarsia and requiring prosthetic silicone toes. This  is a condition in which there is one or more abnormally short or overlapping toe bones (metatarsals). This condition may result due to a congenital defect or it may be an acquired condition. It most frequently involves the fourth metatarsal.
This young lady came to the Ledbrook Clinic to see what could be done to improve the appearance of her toes. She decided to have silicon toes to cover the toes next to the little toes, with excellent results. The process involves 3 visits in total. The first is  the consultation and assessment, so that we can show the client some of our work and discuss the best prosthetic solution for them. At that appointment, we colour match the feet and take casts of both feet.
The second appointment is when we fit the ‘test sockets’, in this case the 2 toes made out of clear silicone to ensure the fit is a good fit and the client is happy with the shape of the toes, and the way they fit in relation to the other toes. The final and third appointment is when we deliver the toes in high definition silicone and have the final fitting. The whole process takes around 3 weeks.
Prior to silicone toes
After silicone toes