Chin’s Polypropylene KAFO

Chin came to see the team at the Ledbrook Clinic from Taiwan a year ago because he told us that the knee ankle foot Orthoses (KAFO’s ) made in his country were very heavy and he couldn’t swing his leg. Chin is a polio survivor with a very frail leg and 3 cm of shortening. When he came to The Clinic on his first visit in 2017,  he had time constraints, so we made him a polypropylene KAFO with an internal raise and bale lock joints to get him mobile. He also had a pair of made-to-measure trainers. He returned to the UK in November 2018, and on this visit, he had three months.

He had a more sophisticated carbon fibre  KAFO  with ankle hinges on the lateral side and the latest Select knee hinges from Otto Bock.  The KAFO  can be used locked or unlocked. The video shows Chin mastering the KAFO  very easily in the unlocked position. As carbon fibre is so strong, we were able to put ventilation apertures in the carbon as he found his previous  KAFO was very hot in Taiwan.His gait
is now improved and he is delighted with his KAFO.  The video says it all!