David Llewellyn, Below Knee Amputee

David LlewellynMy husband David and I  googled and then visited the Ledbrooke Clinic six months ago after going on their website.  At the first consultation we were warmly welcomed by John and Theresa and their prosthetetist whom we found to be extremely understanding and empathic towards his condition. He had recently undergone a below the knee amputation.  He was seeking advice on the way forward for him as he wanted to become more active and his original prosthesis was very rigid and uncomfortable. He was not disappointed.  After first consultation, which was very thorough he was supplied with a much lighter and flexible prosthesis which has given him more confidence in learning to walk again. He has had his new prosthesis for 3 months now and is going from strength to strength. His aftercare is superb and is still ongoing. Thank you John and Theresa for your support and encouragement.
Lorna and David Llewellyn.