Funding Options for Prosthetic & Orthotic Treatments

Funding Options for Prosthetics

As an independent private provider of Orthotics,Prosthetics and Specialist Prosthetic physiotherapy, we are familiar with the various funding options for prosthetic and orthotic treatments.


You can attend the clinic as a private patient paying for the treatment yourself, or through a relative, sponsor or employer. At the Ledbrook Clinic, we see many patients from overseas who are sponsored by their employers or relatives


You can apply for funding from the NHS to pay for orthotic or prosthetic treatment from an independent rehabilitation provider. This process is known as an “Exceptional Treatment” application and is made by your Doctor (GP) to your Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG). CCGs are not obliged to fund all applications; therefore not all requests are successful.

If you feel that your orthotic or prosthetic needs are not being met by your current NHS provider, visit your GP to discuss the matter. It may be a good idea to have a record of your appointments, together with details of any issues or difficulties that you have experienced and what impact this has had on you and your mobility and quality of life.

Insurance/Legal Claim

If you are involved in a legal claim and the other party has accepted liability you may qualify for treatment under the Rehabilitation Code or through interim payments. If it wasn’t your solicitor who put you in touch with us we recommend that you speak with them regarding your options. We see many patients at the Ledbrook Clinic who are referred to us by their legal team as a result of industrial accidents or medical negligence, so it is always worthwhile to seek legal advice if you feel you have a case.

Whether you have an existing NHS limb, or one from an alternative private provider, your first priority is to understand your options. At the Ledbrook Clinic we will help you understand your options, give you a treatment plan, and clear time-scales and costs for your treatment.