Gillian’s Waterproof Prosthesis

Gillian came to the Ledbrook Clinic to see the Prosthetist after having had a waterproof prosthesis from the NHS. She found the NHS prosthesis  heavy and cumbersome and was unable to wear it. She stopped swimming, which she loved. Gillian came to see us at the Ledbrook Clinic where we discussed the best type of waterproof prosthesis for her. During the consultation, the Prosthetist took a cast and measurements of her other leg, to make sure that the waterproof prosthesis was the same shape as this leg. We also took photographs and matched the colour of the silicon cover from swatches to the best colour match of her skin. The test socket was made, and then we proceeded to finish off the waterproof prosthesis.
Gillian wore it when she went away for a short break in September, and has promised us lots of pictures when she goes away to Jamaica in December, so watch this space!

Gillian's Thank You Card