Latest C-Leg 4 Prosthetic Knee: Simpler to fit & easier to use

The Latest C-Leg 4 offers more advanced functions & more. user benefits. The C-Leg 4 prosthetic knee offers all the benefits of previous iterations, with a focus on making it simpler to fit and even easier to use.

Below is a summary of the official release from Ottobock.

When you want dependability you can count on, turn to the C-Leg, with an unmatched, industry-leading track record. The C-Leg prosthetic knee lets people live more actively and independently, reclaiming the things that make life fuller and more fulfilling.

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Ottobock’s C-Leg prosthetic knee is worn by more people worldwide than any other prosthetic knee. People rely on the C-Leg to help them reclaim their determination and live the life they desire. In 1997, the C-Leg began to set a new standard with its unique ability to deliver safety and freedom of movement, backed by studies documenting dramatically improved outcomes.

Groundbreaking technology Every iteration of the C-Leg continually improves on the control strategies that enable real time adaptation to the wearer’s gait, changes in surface, or speed, even when traversing unstable ground, stairs, or ramps.

More than 40 studies verify the benefits that personal stories illustrate:

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  • significantly reduced falls*
  • increased activity and a larger radius of movement
  • fewer distractions, since more stability means attention isn’t focused on avoiding obstacles
  • enhanced confidence in the prosthesis Ultimately, these results indicate that improving stability improves health outcomes as well as quality of life.

Ultimately, these results indicate that improving stability improves health outcomes as well as quality of life.

Thanks to the speed at which stance phase resistance is adjusted, people who wear the C-Leg experience a reduction in falls and stumbles*, making it easier to navigate crowds and across unstable surfaces like sand, grass or gravel. Most critically, more than 40 studies have shown the effectiveness of the C-Leg prosthetic system, proving outcomes that improve daily life*.

New patented function, more stability, more activity

Our goals are always to reduce the effort the user needs to manage their prosthesis, to improve function, and to make the knee easier to fit. The C-Leg 4 prosthetic knee delivers in all areas, including:

  • increasing function
  • removing the need for a special pylon
  • simplifying the fitting process

We’ve added a user-friendly smartphone app that gives users more choice, reduced the system height by 1.7inches/4.3cm, tested for water exposure, and added a new activity report feature. One of the many improvements that make C-Leg 4 uniquely easier to use is a patented method that improves the transition to swing phase and makes walking backwards safely possible. By refining C-Leg 4 function, changing walking speeds are controlled efficiently and effectively, even when steps are small or surfaces are challenging.

Real-time swing phase control

Fueled by 3D motion analysis. Since motion occurs in three dimensions, the C-Leg 4 utilises multiple data sources to ensure swing phase resistance is precisely what it needs to be at every moment of every step. As a result, C-Leg 4 lets users easily navigate ramps, stairs, and nearly every type of challenging surface. For even more freedom of movement with a more effortless walking experience.

Adapting automatically to every step

With C-Leg 4, the knee is ready for the user’s next move.Enhanced stumble recovery, improvements in stance and swing phase control, and the addition of Intuitive Stance offers more support for activities of daily life.

More clearance, more choice

A new, naturally-shaped frame design has reduced the system height, letting people with less clearance benefit from the stability and smooth function of the C-Leg 4. Ottobock’s recommended foot choices offer a range of clearance and function as well.

Wet or dry

Everyday life occasionally gets a little damp. The weatherproof C-Leg 4 can handle it, whether the user runs into a rainstorm or gets splashed while watering the garden.


C-Leg 4 helps people master everyday life more confidently. With two additional MyModes, the knee can be adjusted to meet an individual’s specific requirements for unique activities such as biking, dancing, or golfing.

Smart control

For the first time, users can quickly switch between MyModes and monitor battery life using the new Cockpit app for Android. The optional remote control also supports this functionality. Both options use integrated Bluetooth® technology.

Be seated

The new sitting function automatically switches C-Leg 4 to free-swing when the individual sits down, resulting in a relaxed position and activation of a battery save mode.

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