Terry Buckley, Above Knee Amputee

Terry BuckleyI  contacted the Ledbrook Clinic this year as I was very unhappy with the prosthesis I was supplied with by the NHS, which  was cumbersome and heavy, and  attached  onto my body by a waist-band.  It was so heavy that I could hardly wear it and gradually lost my confidence. It dug into my groin and the suspension was terrible. In the end, I stopped wearing it and stopped walking so I was confined to a wheelchair.

I contacted Theresa, the Practice Manager at the Ledbrook Clinic, and she was so helpful and knowledgeable. I felt that I would be in experienced professional hands at the Ledbrook Clinic. I  came to the Clinic  and was made very welcome by the team at the Ledbrook Clinic. I saw the Lead Prosthetist there who explained all the options available to me, and I decided to go ahead with the treatment. I had a cast taken of my residual limb, then after 2 weeks, came back for a fitting appointment. The new prosthesis was delivered very quickly and is so different away from my NHS prosthesis. It is light, well fitting, and has given me my life back.

I am currently learning to walk again with my new prosthesis with the help of Shep, the Clinical Physiotherapist. This involves weekly sessions with Shep so that I can build up my strength and learn to walk properly with my new prosthesis. He is knowleadgeable and patient, and gives me exercises that I can do at home in between sessions. This is very important to me  as I live alone and I need to get my mobility back. I am very independent, so I am very pleased I came to the Ledbrook Clinic and  they could help me do this. I recommend the Ledbrook Clinic to anyone who is in my situation.