Triton Smart Ankle: Intelligent Mechatronic Ankle

Triton smart ankle CPO Brochure - wommen on stiars

It is with great pleasure that we can share with you details of the latest in ankle prosthesis. The Triton Smart Ankle from Ottoblock is a revolutionary process controlled hydraulic ankle with carbon fibre prosthesis.

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The Triton smart ankle contains the same proven features as other members of the Triton family, including smooth rollover, dynamic response, high energy storage and return. But it also goes a crucial step further. Thanks to additional ankle functions, the Triton smart ankle is able to adjust gradually to changes in both walking speed and walking environment. A highlight for users and clinicians alike is the particularly intuitive response and the ability to make quick ankle height adjustments via smartphone and tablet apps.

Wide range of ankle motion

Triton smart ankle CPO plantarflexion 19 degrees

Adaptable ankle foot systems mimics natural ankle movement

Ankle adjustments let the user adapt the system to various gaits and walking speeds, as well as to ascend and descend of inclines.

  • This offers the user greater stability and security while walking and standing
  • Reduces forces acting on the residual limb.

Change of footwear thanks to adjustable heel height

  • Different occasions call for different footwear. No problem for the Triton smart ankle.
  • It quickly adapts to heel heights up to 50 mm (2 inches) with just one click.

The Ottoblock Smart Ankle Enables More Movement:

  • Relaxed Mode:
    While sitting down the foot lowers itself to the ground – This more natural posture reduces strain on the locomotor system and improves wearer comfort
  • Free Ankle Motion:
    Complete freedom of movement for a period of 15 seconds. A feature that is most helpful when putting on trousers
  • Toe Lock:
    Options to lock the foot into a fixed angular position, e.g. for driving

The Smart Ankle Also Features App-controlled Adjustment:

Triton smart ankle app controlled adjustmentIts easy to adjust the Triton smart ankle via iOS or android based smartphones or tablets.

The Galileo smart ankle app lets the user:

  • Adjust the heel height to accommodate different footwear
  • Check battery status
  • Make other relevant adjustments Advantages for the clinician include
  • It only takes 60 seconds to make the initial settings
  • Fine adjustments can be made to match the system to the user’s unique gait pattern

Technical data:

  • MOBIS MG 2-4
  • Amputation Level TT, KD, TF
  • Max. body weight 100 kg / 220 lbs
  • Sizes 22 cm to 29 cm
  • System height with footshell* 132 mm / 5.2‘‘
  • Clearance with footshell* 150 mm / 5.9‘‘
  • Range of Movement 19° in plantar- & dorsiflexion
  • Max. Heel Height 50 mm (2“)