Fred Bradley, Above Knee Amputee

Fred BradleyI first contacted the Ledbrook Clinic on behalf of my father, Frederick in July 2013. My father is a sprightly 88 years old and had his leg amputated above the knee in the summer of 2006 due to a blood clot. We run a market garden business and he had always been very active in the business up to his amputation. The prosthesis he was supplied with by the NHS was cumbersome and heavy, and  attached  onto his body by a waist-band. He said that it so heavy, he felt he was dragging a dead weight around, and gradually lost his confidence. It dug into his groin and the suspension was terrible.

I contacted Theresa, the Practice Manager at the Ledbrook Clinic, and she was so helpful and knowledgeable. I felt that we would be in safe and experienced professional hands. We came to the Clinic in July 2013 and were made very welcome by the team at the Ledbrook Clinic. We saw the Lead Prosthetist there who explained all the options available to my father, and we decided to go ahead with the treatment then and there. Frederick had a cast taken of his residual limb, then after 2 weeks, came back for a fitting appointment. The new prosthesis was delivered very quickly and is a world away from his NHS prosthesis. It is light, well fitting, and has given my father his confidence back. He is getting back to work enjoying the nursery business and is very optimistic about his future. If anyone thinks that age or disability should limit their lives, then they should think again! I cannot thank everyone enough at the Ledbrook Clinic for the service, friendship and professionalism they have shown to me and my father. We will come back to the Clinic for a review appointment in early 2014, and look forward to seeing the team at the Ledbrook Clinic then.


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