Mr. Ben Sharpe, Shropshire

I have struggled for years to find a calliper  that I have been able to wear with comfort, which wasn’t heavy and cumbersome and that I do not have to struggle to put on and take off.

I contacted the Ledbrook Clinic this year and saw John Young, the Orthotist at the clinic. I have had 4 consultations in total with Mr.Young, and he explained the course of treatment and the type of callipers I would have very clearly and with a great deal of patience.

He is a true professional, very patient, and with a wealth of experience in seeing patients with post polio syndrome. The one I had before was very heavy and cumbersome. I have now been fitted with a lightweight calliper which has completely changed my life. I can now wear my calliper every day as it is so lightweight and easy to put on and take off.

Now I can play football with my grandchildren and this calliper has completely transformed my life.

The beauty of going to the Ledbrook Clinic is that you have total privacy, there is no waiting and I see the same person all the time. The follow up care is also very important and I will see John every 6 months to ensure that all is well with my calliper.

I would not hesitate to recommend anyone who has post polio syndrome to contact the Ledbrook Clinic.

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