Mr.Graeme Collingwood, Climber, Hiker and Walker


I live in Birmingham, and was looking for someone local to see me about the pain I suffer when I am walking and hiking.

I will be climbing Snowden for charity so I need a good pair of EVA insoles to help me conquer the pain I have in my metatarsals.

I was recommended to see John Young by an orthopaedic surgeon.

I brought the boots with me that I was going to wear, and after a thorough consultation, John took a scan of my foot.

The EVA’ s were manufactured using CAD/CAM technology so that I can have another pair made any time without coming to the clinic. I had the insoles fitted to my boots, and these have made a fantastic difference to me.

I can walk without pain, and the supports have relieved all the painful symptoms I have had to put up with.

I would recommend that if you have any problems with your feet, see John Young.

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